Thursday, 26 September 2013

We've been away a while.. but have some great new jewellery!

We've been away from our blog for a while, but have been working on our brand new Autumn/winter collection! Shop at & Let us know what you think! 

Romantic Opulence

Autumn | Winter ’13 has brought a romantic opulent feel to our handmade pieces. Our newest collection of jewellery brings around the notion of Italian baroque lavished architecture, but is subtle enough for everyday wear. Pretty antique Venetian laces inspired our delicate shapes and form, bracelets and neckpieces are intricately cut to emulate such details. They can be piled high for an extravagant statement. Our sumptuous crowns are beautifully embellished with white and black pearls and floral filigree; fit enough for any royalty. Oversized gold byzantine crosses hang with cherubs, mosaic floral motifs and lustrous black roses.
Our latest rings are designed to encapsulate majestic Egyptian romance. Scarab beetles possess dusky pink opal like gems. Mini ankh crosses adorn golden bands, symbolising eternal life. Whilst Cleopatra’s golden snakes slither delicately over the finger.
This seasons updated collar wear are in the form of Art deco inspired sunburst brooches, which can be pinned to the centre of your collar. These run through to our reverse earrings, where sunrays burst from behind your ear.
Dark gothic elements creeps through the collection, manifesting into bone wrap cuffs, necklaces, bejeweled spiders and dainty entwining ivy wrap rings. Richly detailed spine hoop earrings suspend and also encase fingers.

This collection is the ultimate way to accessorise your Autumn/winter look.

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  6. I love all of the pieces, they really are a great way to accessorise Autumn and winter outfits.